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Choosing an INCREDIBLE Photographer

Latté time again…

I did a quick Google search for Wedding Photographers in my area just curious of how many there were for Brides and Grooms to wade through. In Ballarat alone, I counted 44 Photographers! Then there’s Photographers from Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Daylesford or Horsham who advertise they travel. There’d have to be close to 200 different Photographers a Ballarat Bride and Groom could choose for their day! This scary number isn’t restricted to my area, it’s a global dilemma.

So, how does a Bride and Groom choose the perfect Photographer for themselves? It can be a daunting decision, but hopefully this Blog article will help!

  1. Firstly, you need to organise a budget. Without an idea of the amount you’d like to spend you could be wasting time. Also, decide what level of service you want for your day. Do you want an engagement shoot, an album, a second photographer, prints or a canvas, a HUGE coffee table book?
  1. Have you chosen your style yet? It’s a great idea to have your style sorted before meeting with your Photographer. That way when viewing their images, you can view their photographer’s style and choose if it’s a great match for your own.
  1. Research, Research, Research… Chat to friends, family, colleagues about photographers they’ve used. Every photographer has a different style, view their style and images. Ask to view a complete Wedding, every Photographer can show you their best 50 images. By viewing a complete Wedding, you get a great understanding of their Photographic style.
  1. Make a list of questions about photography for your day. Here’s a great start…..
  •                What do you cover?
  •                What’s your experience?
  •                What are the costs of different aspects of the day – Ceremony/location/reception?
  •                How much time is required for imagery?
  •                What is their style?
  •                Do they provide guarantees for services?
  •                Do they have a backup for bad weather?
  •                Is travel cost extra?
  •                Is there an overtime fee?
  •                Are the images edited?
  •                How long after the Wedding will I get my images/prints/books/etc?
  1. Meet with 2 - 3 Photographers. You must get along with them. They’re going to be with you, your family and friends for hours & hours. So you need to feel comfortable, you need to like and trust them. Otherwise, there could be some strange expressions in your images that need explaining to your Grandkids.
  1. Book and confirm as soon as you’ve chosen your incredible Photographer! If you take your time, they might book your day with someone else.

Your Wedding Day will be one of the most treasured days of your life. Think carefully about choosing your photographer, ask questions and don’t be pushed into rash decisions. Congrats and goodluck!

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