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When my Wife & I got married, we were living in Ballarat but I wanted to go back to my roots to get married. I was fortunate enough that she agreed to get married in my hometown and family Church in the Adelaide Hills!! It was held in an OLD Uniting Church in a whole different state, in a small country town called Echunga. Her only stipulation was, that I had to plan it........

But, I'm a male & what did I know about Planning a Wedding? I really wanted to get married there, so took on the role of a Wedding Planner and nailed the day! 

I designed the cake (with my wives help), organised the cars (two Pristine VK Brockies), booked the DJ, toured wineries looking for the perfect reception venue, booked a house for us to stay at for a few days leading up to the Wedding, organised flowers (Australian Natives) and on and on and on it went. But from a different State, it was made all that much harder. So when a Bride (& Groom) tell me about their Wedding Planning woes, I completely understand.

That's why, when I'm first contacted by a Bride and Groom, I suggest we meet for a coffee and chat. Then I'm able to show my Wedding Photographey packages, their cost & inclusions and importantly, provide them with a bound Wedding Planner. The Planner has room for all of their suppliers contact details, a check list of things to organise on key dates, a timeline for their Wedding Day and a suggested Wedding Photograper shot list.

It's one little way that I can make things ALOT easier for Birdes and Grooms in the planning of their Big Day.

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