Registry for a Wedding Photographer?

We all now how much Weddings cost (ALOT). As a Ballarat Wedding Photographer, I've been pondering (& Google searching) how I can make things easier for my Brides & Grooms. Then I wondered - there's the 'normal' Wedding Registries for things like kitchen appliances, White Goods, linen and oudoors.


There's also Wedding Registries for your Honeymoon, Toasters, Home Improvements, Sandwich Presses and Art Works, so why not the Wedding Photographer you LOVE (like ME)? After some searching, I came across this little video & think it might be the answer to your prayers.

Yes, the video is aimed at Wedding Photograpgers, but it hepls you understand the concept easier & maybe, now you CAN afford your Wedding Photographer & ask you friends and family to contribute to family heirlooms to pass onto your Grandchildren. 

What Happens Next...

We encourage all of our clients to meet and discuss your ideas over a coffee. We'll give you an idea of what our services are, what they include, how much they cost (fully personalised packages start at $1550) and how we can approach your day. I can also give you a few things to make your Wedding Planning ALOT easier!

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