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Pro Wedding Photographer vs Amateur BFF Lucy?

Recently, I’ve had a few requests for how cheap I can do a Wedding Photography Package. I’ve then been told that it’s too expensive & they have a “friend who has a great camera”. Don’t worry, we’ll just ask Lucy, she’s an amateur Wedding Photographer afterall…….

After pondering on whether I should have dropped my prices to match their budget. I, (of course), realised that my prices are set on many factors. Reducing my prices to ‘get a job’, isn’t what my business is about. Ontop of that, my ‘packages’ all come with 2 Photographers, two of them have Engagement Sessions, Prints, Canvases, Parent Books included and then I have thousands & thousands & thousands of dollars’ worth of gear & a shopping list EVEN longer! ;)

That being said, what’s the advantage for Brides & Grooms to use a Professional Wedding Photographer over Lucy? Which brings me to the reason for this Blog Post.

Image Quality! It’s the bottom line…. Are you happy with mediocre images that people will awkwardly say they’re “nice”, or would you prefer to have Wedding Photography that’ll blow your socks off? Wedding Images that you’d love to share with your Grandkids rather than hide in the back of your Wardrobe? Realistically, I know the answer will be a resounding NO!

To help point bring my message home & why choosing a Professional Wedding Photographer is so important, I spent hours searching Google Images to share a few standout Wedding Photography and their BFF Lucy’s images……

Ballarat Wedding Photography
Ballarat Wedding Photography


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