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Ballarat Wedding Photography locations

Just the other day on Social Media I read about a Wedding Photographer had moved into a new area. She was asking for recommendations for Wedding Photography Locations as she’d moved from another state. After pondering on it for a few days, I realised, Brides and Grooms are in a very similar position. They may have lived in the same area their entire lives, but not taken their hometown in as a Photographer looking for locations to shoot beautiful Wedding Images.

So, when a Bride & Groom initially start planning their Ballarat Wedding, often they have no idea where to go for the “look” they’re chasing. So, what better way to help Brides & Grooms on their Bid day than to help with a few locations…..

Ballarat is very fortunate for Photography Locations! We have a historical Mining Town that’s surrounded by Naïve Scrub and Pine Forests. The Historical town that I call home is even the ‘Set’ for the TV Series – Dr. Blake. Ballarat has many different “looks” all very close to each other. There’s Urban Decay, Rustic Urban, Street Art, Waterfront, beautiful Gardens, Native Scrub, Pine Forest & Paddocks full of tall grass (just to name a few) all within only a few minutes of each other.

I’ve pulled together a few images that’re taken from each category to give you an idea of how beautiful Ballarat is. If you'd like some further info about beautiful Ballarat Photography Locations, throw me an email.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay Ballarat 

Rustic Urban

Ballarat Wedding Kiss

Street Art




Beautiful Gardens

Tangled Maze Creswick Wedding Photographer

Tangled Maze Creswick Wedding Photography

Native Scrub

Ballarat Bush Engagement Photography

Aussie Bush Engagement Photography

Paddocks full of tall grass

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