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It's raining - OH NO

Wedding Season has just hit us in Ballarat & with the beautiful Spring weather we’re having it’s easy to forget – We live in Victoria where 5 seasons is 1 day is common, including RAIN & thunderstorms.

If it rains on your Wedding Day, Grandma & BFF will no doubt tell you it’s “goodluck” if it rains on your Wedding Day, but….. It’s little consolation to a Bride who’s dreamed of an outdoor Wedding since she was a little girl.

As a local Wedding Photographer, I have numerous “back-up plans” if it’s a Wet Wedding and the Bride & Groom don’t want to get wet. But, if it’s raining why not embrace it rather than running from it? Ok, YES, your Dress might get a little dirtier, your shoes might get a few drops of mud on them (why not use some cute & colourful Rubber Boots for your Photos?) & your hair might drop & frizz. BUT…… Think of how magical your images will look up on your wall.

The dirty Wedding Dress, muddy Shoes and flat Hair will quickly be forgotten about when you see time stopping images taken by a Wedding Photographer who knows their camera, lighting & relishes in turning a negative into a Jaw Dropping positive! All you need is a little sense of adventure.

But I don’t have a Sense of Adventure you say? If you’re worried about rain on your Big day, chat to your Photographer about it and what plans they may have.

Umbrellas & Rubber Boots – cute & colourful ones are you best friend at a Wet Wedding. Depending on your date, season (& state), plan ahead buy some that you won’t be embarrassed seeing in your Wedding Images.

Change the ceremony – No not the time or venue, rather can you add a gazebo or a change location to a weather friendly area at the same venue? That way you won’t need to have a stress-filled last minute HUGE SMS or Facebook campaign?


Towels & Jackets – If you’re wet, you’ll love having them available in your car. Why not throw in a few Plastic Bags, just incase…..

Remember, only you can let rain ruin your Wedding. So, try to scoop out your Sense of Adventure, have fun & turn it into a positive!



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