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The Bloke behind the Camera

I've been wanting to write a new Blog Post & was stumped. So, rather than Googling for an idea or 12 about Wedding Photography in Ballarat, I did an even wiser thing - I asked my Wife.... She suggested that I write a little more about me, so people can learn about the bloke behind the camera. I pondered for a few days & rather than writing an "essay" about myself. I'm going to interview myself & I'm even going to open the floor for YOU TO ASK ME QUESTIONS.... Check out my Facebook page & ask away!

 When was the first time I picked up a Camera?

I studied Photography in Primary School, in perhaps Year 6 or 7. This was WAY BACK in the days of film, I was lucky enough to go to a School that had a Dark Room of trays full of Chemicals. So, I'd take the photo on the camera, then run into the Dark Room & developed my Masterpieces. My only regret is that all I have is memories as I didn't keep any of the prints I made.


Do I have any formal Photography Training?

Great question Dave! Yes, aside from having the experience of roughly a decade as a Professional Photographer, I've completed a Diploma in Photography and am very proud to say, that the lowest mark I received was 83%!


Donna asked - What age were you when you knew you wanted to be a photographer?

When I was in Primary School, I remember thinking "how cool & easy is this?". I wanted to do it Fulltime waayyyyyy back then, but then I changed schools & for a few years forgot all about wanting to become a Photographer. After an extraordinary Tax Refund, I purchased my first DSLR Camera to build on my hobby & it blew-up from there....


Cliff asked - What was the first camera you had and what camera do you use now? Have you always used the same brand of camera? 

The very first DSLR was a Sony A100, with 2 Kits lenses. After roughly a year, I then upgrade to another Sony (A55). I also upgraded my Lenses before buying a twin of my 2nd Sony, I still use this camera as my 2nd Camera for Weddings. About 18 months ago, I was lucky enough to buy a Canon & after buying a 24-70mm f2.8 L Series I use this as my main camera. After moving from Sony to Canon, I won't go back. I've tried a few Nikon's aswell, but am very very happy with my Canon - no LOVE my Canon!


Tania asked - After all these years, why do you keep on being such a great photographer??

LOL, & this is why I love you T!

Seriously though, I strive to give my Brides & Grooms timeless & beautiful images they can hang on their wall & showoff to their Grandkids. It's a cliché, I know, but it's my motivation to give clients kickass images. My timeline for leadup to a Wedding includes hours & hours & hours researching the couple, their loves & personalities. I spend the weeks leading up to the Wedding viewing inspirational images and Youtube videos & reviewing my past Weddings to improve my images & techniques. That way I can "keep on being such a great Photographer".


Sandra asked - What drives you to take photos??

I don't want to copy & paste, so I'll just say - Oops, I answered this one in Tania's question above. 


Ed asked - How has the digital age influenced you?

I remember the first time I saw a Digital Camera. I was astounded that you could view the image on the back of the camera, straight away! You just take a picture, then presto, it's there ready for you STRAIGHT AWAY! I couldn't understand the sourcery at the time, but fell in love with Cameras all over again. 

The Digital Age has allowed me to understand how my Canon works & does what it ...... does ALOT easier. I can easily manipulate the camera to take the image out of my head & turn it into a reality. The Digital Age allows the camera to be more user friendly & lets me concentrate on the important things like - the beautiful Bride & Handsome Husband in front of me.


Andrew asked - What's your favorite type of photograph to take?

I have LOTS of favorite images I love to take. Though, my fav type of image is one that tells a story, I strive to have my images invoke emotions in people who view them. Whether that's a Bride & Groom reminiscing about their Special day, or someone viewing a HUGE Australian Landscape panogram on their wall.


Belinda asked - What ninja skills have you learnt to capture the perfect moment?

I've learnt over the years that Ninja skills aren't necessary, though I have epic SECRET ones! What is needed though, is thinking outside the box. Everybody takes images from a similar perspective - eye level. To take my Photography to the next Ninja Level, I look for obscure perspectives. Will a high point of view work? What happens if I include .......... blurred in the foreground? Will it look even better over there? Oohhhh, how will it look froma very low perspective?

This leads me to Belinda's other question - What the strangest place you've situated yourself for the perfect shot?

I've been in many strange places to get the "Perfect Image". I've tripped over a garden bed while Photographing a Bride and Groom, I've come close to tumbling into a dam while photographing another Bride & Groom, I've climbed a 30m tower in the pitch black to get a perfect image of Southern Lights & stood up there (numerous times) in a gale to capture a beautiful long exposure of Star Trails. But, the strangest place, wasn't really the strangest place - more the messiest... I was crouching nice and low next to a deep puddle in anticipation of a slow moving 4WD coming towards me, only to have it morph into a ROCKET & come screaming toward me. Of course, it then covered me with muddy water as it flew past - BUT OMG WHAT AN IMAGE IT WAS!!! 


Shane asked - Do you find lens filters helpful for different situations? and if so, which ones ??

I use a few Filters, it depends on the situation & time of day/night. In the bright midday sun, I use a Polarizing Filter if the image is going to be a wide view. I also use a Graduated Filter (or 2) when Photographing against a bright sly or bright beach - basically when there's a reflective surface in the image. I find when I use filters correctly on my Canon, it makes things ALOT easier when it comes time to edit the image.


Well, as it turns out, I didn't need to ask myself very much at all. Thanks guys! If you have any more questions you'd like to ask about The Bloke behind the Camera, jump over to my Facebook Page & ask away....


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