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New Ballarat Wedding Industry Network President.....

As you probably know, I'm a Committee Member of a local organisation - Ballarat Wedding Industry Network (BWIN). I've been on the Committee for a little over 2 years, met some incredible, inspiring & crazy busy people. 

We recently had our AGM & I again put my hand up to be part of it. How could I not when our mission is "to help encourage and develop relationships within the Ballarat Wedding Industry and bring like-minded professionals together to share and grow". We have Members from most areas in the Wedding Industry - from Photographers, to Venues, Florists, Celebrants, Event Hire, DJ's and many more.  

After our AGM, as a committee, we got together to assign positions. I expected that I'd leave the meeting in the same position that I've been in for the last 2 years - Secretary. I'd had a chat a few weeks earlier with Mark (The President) & he'd jokingly mentioned that he was going to vote me in as the new Pres. I laughed it off & didn't think about it again until he pointed to me during the meeting & said I nominate Dave for President. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I realised I'd just been voted in as the New President of BWIN.

Do you think I was shocked? Yup, I was astounded that I'd been trusted enough to run with someone else's baby.....

After the shock of being responsible for the outcome of Ballarat Wedding Industry Network for the next 12 months had worn off, I started to get excited. I can continue on the work of the previous Presidents (Mark Wall & Nick Pollock) in making BWIN the Premier Name for Weddings & Suppliers in the Ballarat region, oh & to take over the world...

Now first step in taking over the world, free beer for all 

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