My FAV wedding and corporate images of 2015

Photography in 2015 involved a great mix of Portraiture, Corporate, Landscapes, Skyscapes, Families and even an EPIC 4WD Adventure. For me though, the standout has been Weddings. 

This is because all those fleeting little moments that make your day so special are gone in a flash are priceless - the laugh, the tear, the nervous smile - are the ones you'll view in years to come full of joy. I love sitting down with a Bride & Groom after their Big Day & hearing them gush about how much they LOVE their images!

So, as 2015 draws to a close, what better time than to share my favorite images from being a Wedding Photographer in and around Ballarat. I might even throw the odd Family & 4WD image in.....

 Beautiful Bride

Ballarat 4WD

Mr & Mrs Coffee?

Ballarat Wedding Rings

Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Ballarat Family

Ballarat Pretty

Ballarat Wedding Shoes

Ballarat 4WD

Ballarat & Photography

Ballarat Family Photography

Family Photography

 I could go on & on & on, but I had to draw the line somewhere & 1 dozen seemed appropriate seeing as there's 12 months in a year...... If you'd like to book me in 2016 & perhaps see your images here in 12 months - jump onto the link below.


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